Rate: Your Logistic Source


Sadler Brothers offers program cost based on the type of program required. The basic factors involved in determining the rate are:

  • The Volume – Number of loads per week or per day
  • The Method – Live Loading & Unloading or Drop & Hook Program
  • The Distance – The total miles from pick up to delivery
  • Return Trips – Back Haul associated with delivery location

Volume is the number of shipments “from and to” the same locations on a scheduled basis.

  • There is a discount applied to the program rate for each of the rate components. 
  • The base rate is based on total miles
  • Loads with short haul distance have a multiplier applied 
  • Rates are based on dry, packaged, on pallet, materials. (Sadler does not ship hazardous, liquid, or refrigerated product) 

Sadler’s standard trailers are 53′ box. We can tailor trailers to accommodate special pallet sizes or unique packaging. (For instance, fragile items or product that requires special care in transport).

We currently have an open lane available from Indianapolis to Nashville or Memphis. 

Contact: Sadler Market Services 615-256-4911 for your immediate rate or discuss your program requirements.

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Rates are subject to change without notice or posting. Rates may vary depending on fuel cost, surcharges, tolls, delays, etc. Updating of the schedule is maintained weekly and posted to the site. All rates are subject to review and exact quote based on customer direct inquiry. Rates are always confirmed via mail, e-mail, or fax.