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Now hiring teams out of Knoxville and drivers for Nashville. Please submit your application on the Career Page.

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SADLER BROTHERS TRUCKING is an asset based, privately owned trucking company offering Dedicated Shipping Programs to Manufacturing Facilities and Logistic Centers
Programs Include:
Contract Trucking Service
Logistic Drop Trailer Service                                                                                                                        Full Service for Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Jacksonville
Express Service from Chicago or Indianapolis to Memphis, Nashville, and Jacksonville 


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Most companies need flexibility to match the complex needs associated with manufacturing and logistics. Sadler provides the right resources and schedules to accommodate those needs. Our job is to listen, evaluate, and recommend the most economical transportation solution that specifically answers the need.

Sadler offers a variety of programs to fit the way you do business.  We service cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville and everywhere in between.